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Keyboard Layouts

Keyboard Switches

Most consumer boards stick to MX compatibles (Cherry, Gateron, Kailh) in recent years Cherry has fallen out of favor to Gateron, Kailh or specialty / 'group buy only' switches in the keeb community.

Keycap Profile info

Open (& programmable) firmware

Quantum Mechanical Keyboard is a popular Open Source keyboard firmware and the easiest to find compatible devices for. Can be programmed in C or created with the Online Configuration Tool.

VIA Keyboard Firmware is a keyboard firmware based on QMK that has a graphical editor that can change the keyboard keymap live. Great compatibility.

Vial Keyboard Firmware Is another enhanced version of QMK, the configuration tool supports VIA programmed devices, flashing your keyboard with a vial-qmk firmware allow for more features.


After that it's up to you, Google, Reddit threads, and YouTube videos.

Australian Mechanical Keyboard Specialty Stores

As of writing this these are probably the best places to get lube and other specialty mechanical keyboard items. These stores often will be handling group buy orders from Australia and New Zealand.

Group Buy Tracking

One off sets of keycaps, key switches, stabilisers and keyboards are happening all the time, often pricey but a sure way to get something unique.


This is a list of mainstream/international shops that offer enthusiest products, and have a chance of keeping Stock


Shop Location Brands
Keychron HK Keychron
KBDFans CN KBDFans (kits & assembled)
KPRepublic CN KPRepublic (kits & assembled)
MKzealots CN Anne Pro USA Ducky, Filco, HHKB, KBDFans, Kaihua, Keychron, Keycool, Leopold, Matias, Varmilo, Vortex


Shop Location Brands
PC Case Gear AUS Ducky, Varmilo
MWave AUS Ducky, Kraken, Tai-Hao
KBDFans CN (Many)
KPRepublic CN (Many) USA (Many)


Shop Location Brands
NovelKeys USA Kailh
KBDFans CN Gateron, Hako, Kailh
KPRepublic CN Everglide, Gateron, Hako, Kailh
MKzealots CN Gateron, Kailh USA Gateron, Kailh

Artisan Keycaps